Famous Teachers
TIAN Kaiyu
TIAN Kaiyu£¬ Associate professor of acupuncture£¬ Master of Medicine. Since his graduation from Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1986£¬ he has been working as a TCM/acupuncture teacher and doctor in the same college. He has ever been assigned abroad three times for TCM/acupuncture academic exchange and cooperation (General Police Hospital in Sudan£¬ Aug.1993-Jan.1994; Gulf Medical Centre in Saudi Arabia£¬ Nov.2002-Jan.2005; TCM-swiss acupuncture Centre in Switzerland£¬ Sept.2007-Aug.2009).So far£¬ 7 books and 26 papers have been published£¬ and 2 Scientific Research Projects Awards and 8 State Patent (Acupuncture apparatus) been granted. As a translator or vice chief translator£¬ he participated in the compiling and translating of the books of: (1) English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine--Emergentology (Higher Education Press£¬ in 1994); (2) (English-Chinese) Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Press of Shanghai TCM University£¬ in 2002); (3) (English-Chinese) Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Press of Shanghai TCM University£¬ in 2002); (4) (English-Chinese) Typical TCM Therapy for Cholelithiasis (Press of Shanghai TCM University£¬ in 2004); (5) (English-Chinese)Prescriptions of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Press of Shanghai TCM University£¬ in 2006; (6)Chinese-English Bilingual Textbooks for International Students of Chinese TCM Institutions£©Acupuncture and Moxibustion (People¡¯s Medical Publishing House£¬in 2007)
Famous Teachers
LU Mei
LU Mei£¬ professor of acupuncture and tuina£¬ and dean of School of International Education£¬ Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Graduated in July 1983 from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ and engaged in teaching£¬ medical care£¬ and research ever since. Holding positions: director of Acupuncture Association of China (AAC); deputy director of AAC Committee of Acupuncture Points; managing director of AAC Committee of Higher Education; director of Chinese Medicine Association of China Committee of Collateral Diseases; editor of Acupuncture Studies Adept in teaching and clinical application of special acupuncture methods such as pricking collaterals£¬ electronic needling.
Famous Teachers
WANG Minji
WANG Minji£¬ professor and doctor in acupuncture£¬ managing director of Acupuncture Association of China Committee of Ear Points£¬ director of Acupuncture Association of Henan Province. He started teaching right after graduation from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 1977. He was nominated as the successor of academic experiences of Professor SHAO Jingming in April 1991£¬ and finished apprenticeship in May 1994. Professor WANG has been doing teaching£¬ practice£¬ and research for over 20 years£¬ and excels at integration of acupuncture and herbal treatment for difficult diseases£¬ especially in the treatment of facial or cerebral palsy£¬ asthma£¬ arthritis£¬ rheumatoid arthritis£¬ mammary diseases£¬ hypertension£¬ and cholelithiasis. Between 1998 and 2005£¬ he has guided over 40 students from America£¬ Switzerland£¬ Korea£¬ Japan£¬ Russia£¬ Eriterea£¬ Taiwan£¬ and Hong Kong in their clinical practices. He has had over 30 thesis papers£¬ and 7 books published. From October 2003 to April 2004 he was sent to Daegu Haany University Medical Center for academic exchanges. There he was made into a TV show by MBC£¬ and his experience reported in Daily News£¬ and Korea Daily.
Famous Teachers
LU Shicai
LU Shicai£¬ male£¬ professor. Member of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Division of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM)£¬ director of China Medical Qigong Association£¬ executive manager of the China Gerontics Society£¬ manager of Qigong Division of Henan Chinese Medicine Association. Much experience in teaching£¬ medical care£¬ and research£¬ especially in teaching medical qigong. Adept in the treatment of hypertension£¬ coronary heart disease£¬ neurasthenic£¬ vegetative nerve functional disturbance£¬ myopia£¬ senile cataract and optic nerve atrophy£¬ in life preservation and rehabilitation with herbs£¬ qigong£¬ medicated diet. Created ¡°zeng shi gong¡± (qigong for improving eyesight) in 1982£¬ which was compiled by the National Administration of Chinese Medicine in the COLLECTION OF CHINESE MEDICINE ADVANCEMENT IN THE FORTY YEARS AFTER LIBERATION£¬ and by the China Preventive Medicine Association in the COLLECTION OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE ADVANCEMENT 1987-1991 because of its effectiveness in the treatment of difficult ophthalmic illness such as high myopia and optic nerve atrophy.
Famous Teachers
WANG Danyi
Master of Chinese Medicine£¬ teacher and doctor of tuina£¬ head coach of the Taiji Boxing Club of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ specially invited by Shaolin Temple to be lecturer for the monks with gongfu£¬ the 33rd generation of converts and authentic successor of Shaolin Temple£¬ heir to Shaolin Boxing Medicine. Learned from master CHEN Zhenglei£¬ ZHU Tianxi£¬ and won several awards at the 2002¡¯ International Taiji Conference£¬ had papers published in magazines like Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ Taiji£¬ Chinese Wushu. Adept in treating pains£¬ and soft tissue injury£¬ regulating spleen£¬ and stomach with acupuncture£¬ tuina£¬ and qigong.
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